What makes Arx Fatalis a RPG?

There are many computer RPGs currently on the market. Typically a Role-Playing Game involves taking on the role of a character that you will continue to develop while progressing through a set plot. Some RPGs rely more on the character building aspects, while others focus more on story. So where does Arx stand and what makes it a RPG?Arx was designed from the very beginning to offer a strong story and plot while maintaining the freedom to play the role of your character as you see fit. Players will be free to either follow the intriguing story as it is set, or to wander the world of their own accord and explore at their own pace. Huge cities and lots of races and cultures await, with many interesting characters to converse with, or of course kill if you are of the more evil variety! Everyone in Arx will be killable, from common peasants to the highest of nobles (yes, even the rulers), however every action committed brings with it consequences! Caught breaking the law and you are sure to be punished, choose the role of an outlaw and the game will cater to your chosen role.
Interaction and dialogue with the inhabitants of the world will reveal a world full of life. Where creatures have their own agendas, cultures and real behaviours. Kill a goblin or even try to befriend him; the choices are all there!Character creation and customization also has a strong presence in Arx. Experience points are gained for defeating monsters and solving quests. As the character gains experience he grows in levels and a variety of skills, stats and attributes can be increased and learned. As with most RPGs there will be many weapons, armor and magical items waiting to be found, all aiding the customization and character progression. After all, how else will you manage to face those tougher enemies and more deadly areas of the underworld! Should you choose the role of spell caster the game will also contain over 50 unique spells to learn.Another key Role-Playing element in Arx (and one sadly neglected in many games of the genre) is interactivity. Objects and people will have a variety of ways for the player to interact with, all helping to provide a greater number of interesting and creative solutions to the goals and problems that the character will meet in his journey.