What is this Arx game ?

Arx Fatalis is a first person perspective Role-Playing game currently being developed by French creators Arkane Studios. The team formed in October 1999 with the goal of creating an in depth RPG that combines both an intricate, intruiging story with a high level of interactivity, set in a fantastical underground world full of danger and darkness. In essence the game is seen by many eagerly awaiting fans as being the spiritual successor to the legendary Ultima Underworld series from Looking Glass Studios, one of the best loved classics to ever grace the computer Role-Playing scene. Arx Fatalis looks set to bring back and expand the Underworld style gaming while adding it’s own unique formula and ingenuity, along with a breathtakingly beautiful graphics engine.
Arx is set to bring players a detailed world and the freedom to explore it, where even the most simple and humble actions can make a difference. Spoken dialogue with a variety of NPCs will also help to bring the atmospheric story and world to life, while an action based combat and magic system combine with character creation, puzzles to solve and many unique quests to complete.

Anticpated Release Date: October 2001

Arx Fatalis is being developed by Arkane Studios and will be published by Fishtank Interactive.