Technical Infomation

The Arx Engine

Inhouse Real time 3D engine
Progressive mesh for NPCs and monsters

Highly detailed monsters with large textures and 1500 polygons

Real time physics, breakable items

Amazing AI, thanks to a very flexible script language that enables very complex behaviours for NPCs

32 bit graphics

Vertex lighting

Dynamic lighting

Set things on fire, destroy some of the settings

Lots of special effects: gore when fighting, severed members, cloths, magic effects, etc…

3D sound

This infomation was taken from the official Arkane Studios site. To see more of the engine in action then pay a visit to our Gallery section!

System Requirements

Minimum requirements:
300 MHz PentiumŪ II
Windows 95/98/2000
128 MB RAM for network server
DirectX 7.0 or higher
DirectX 7.0 compatible soundcard
3D graphics card with 8 MB RAM
4x CD-ROM Drive
300 MB harddisk space
600 MHz PentiumŪ III
256 MB RAM
3D graphics card with 32 MB RAM
8x CD-ROM Drive
600 MB harddisk space

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